Satellite & Digital TV

Pro Circuit Fire & Security install, maintain and repair a wide variety of systems to suit each individual client - from domestic properties, flats, student acoomodation and hotels.

Domestic Systems

  • Digital TV aerial with as many points as you require.
  • Digital TV and SKY TV combined together and distributed around your home. HD options available.
  • Why not also have our C.C.T.V systems brodcasted around your home - allowing you to view images from any room.

IRS Systems

An (Integrated Reception System) allows digital TV, satellite, and DAB radio signals to be distributed to multiple points in a communal multi dwelling building with the need for only one aerial and satellite dish.

MATV Systems

Master Antenna TV is the same principal as an IRS system, but only distributes digital TV and radio signals.

SMATV Systems

Satellite Master Antenna TV Systems are generally only used in hotles and leisure facilities.

They allow the user to pick a combination of digital TV and satellite channels, and distribute them around multiple points in the building.